Andrew Ellis

Andrew Ellis was born in Torquay, Great Britain in 1971. His passion for painting the natural world demonstrated itself from an early age. Growing up in rural Devon, Andrew was drawn to studying the wildlife around him, particularly birds of prey and falcons. His interest in that subject continues to dominate his artwork.

Ellis studied at Exeter College of Art & Design from 1987-89. He had secured his first contract illustrating a book on gamebirds and shooting before finishing the course.

In 1991 Andrew held his first solo exhibition at the National Falconry Fair. It was there, as a young man, where he came into contact with major wildlife artists, including Alan Hunt who became an important influence on his work. The young artist was also introduced to the international collectors who now form a major part of his clientele.

Andrew`s work has since been featured in many international magazines, as well as books on wildlife and particularly birds of prey. In 1999 he contributed to a major publication on the Gyr Falcon.

Now exhibiting as far a field as the Middle East, America and Europe, he has also enjoyed huge success with recent auctions at Christie`s and Sotheby`s. Andrew continues to sell his original paintings both nationally and internationally, working mostly on a commission basis. And exhibition of Andrew Ellis`s new work was held at the 2002 annual Falconry Fair.

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